The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts
Visual Identity Design
Art Direction
Logo Design
Graphic Design

The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts


The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts



Scope of Work

Logo Design | Art DIrection


Nashville, TN

Located at the heart of Belmont University’s campus, the Fisher Center is an artistic catalyst for engagement, inspiration, and discovery. The 150,000 sq. ft. center contains a 1,727-seat European style performance hall, two multipurpose ballrooms, rehearsal space, dressing rooms, and impressive technical facilities. The iconic F lettermark draws upon inspiration from a host of musical and architectural details. At a glance, the lettermark resembles the forte symbol used in Western music notation to indicate where a particular passage is to be performed loudly and with strength. It also draws upon the unique architectural elements that adorn the majestic Fisher Center. Lastly, the accentuated angles of the lettermark draws inspiration from the graceful movement of classical ballet dancers. With these elements carefully crafted and blended together, the brand identity embodies the bold, sophisticated, and grandiose vision of the Fisher Center.

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